Monday, July 28, 2014

Hi, Style || Packing for Miami

Once a year, go someplace you've never been before.
Dalai Lama

Our Miami vacation is next month and I couldn't be more excited! I cannot wait to lounge on the beach, try the local cuisine and take in the amazing Art Deco architecture.  I have heard nothing but incredible things.  This will be our first visit to this melting pot of beauty. 

These Tory Burch sunglasses are an updated version of the Jackie O style that I love so much.

This crisp linen tank is simply perfect when paired with bold print shorts. 

I have been looking for a roomy tote for client samples.  This basic metallic beauty is great because it is deep but narrow making it easier to find things.  I also really like the length of the strap so you can wear it on your shoulder comfortably.  This will be great for walking around sightseeing while carrying every little thing for every member of the family. :|

Aren't these tropical patterned shorts the cutest?  I love the details. They are even better in person. J. Crew offers such well made dress shorts.  I still have|wear several that I purchased years ago.

A soft ballet flat is great for walking around all day exploring new places.  Did I mention the architecture? Oh, yeah....

Traveling usually gives me a touch of insomnia.  This tea is flipping fantastic for knocking you out without a fuzzy "hangover" the next morning.  I will be having sweet, inspired dreams about....did I mention the beautiful architecture?

These are my favorite pj's.  I have several pair.  The drawers are roomy and you can have them monogrammed which makes me feel fancy. 

Being in the sun all day is a real skin killer.  Even with sunscreen, I have noticed sun damage this year.  Yikes!  Your skin rejuvenates itself while sleeping, so why not help it out with a luxurious night cream and eye serum.

This adorable sleep mask is perfect for shielding my peepers from the light of the t.v. that I cannot seem to turn off at bedtime.  [#newyearsresolution]

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  1. Your site re-do looks great! Great picks for Miami - Have fun!

  2. Can't wait to hear about your trip! Enjoy ;)


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