Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Snake Charmer

Real style is never right or wrong.  It is a matter of being yourself on purpose.
G. Bruce Boyer

Call me girly, but snakes freak me out.  Before Andrew and I were married, we went on an extended camping trip where we visited Antelope Canyon in Arizona.  It is a magical place where, I am certain, a unicorn or two might reside.  Before our trek, we were cautioned  that rattlesnakes like to come into the canyon to avoid the harsh sunlight and might strike.  You have never seen someone run so fast!  

I prefer my snakes on home accents or fashion, thank you very much.  Their sculptural lines make for an interesting statement piece.  I have tried on these sandals the last three summers.  Maybe this is finally the year!

Have a beautiful day,

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