Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dope Art

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
Edgar Degas

I had the pleasure of lunching with two fellow decorators yesterday.  Between entrĂ©es and fortune cookies, we shared resources, stories and tips about the work we love.  One thing we all agreed on was the challenge of sourcing the right art for clients.  Art is so personal and really needs to speak to you.  

One of my favorite places to find amazing pieces is Tappan Collective.  It is inspiring how much talent is featured on that site.  It is no secret that I love unusual, quirky photography.  My favorite are humans because I think there is nothing more beautiful.  They offer a plethora of fine pieces in every medium at various sizes and price points. You are sure to find something magical to gaze upon on the daily.

[Hmm...I went to school with a Chris Cox.  I wonder if.....]

Have a day filled with beauty,


  1. These are definitely some different pieces of art! Not sure what to think about the girl on horse piece...I'll have to check out your art source!

    1. It's a great source. I have many if you're interested. Ha! I think the horse girl is cool!


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