Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Got The Blues?

When you want to transform a room into an entirely different animal, change the color.
Billy Baldwin

Have you heard?  Blue is in this season, whether it's called indigo, cobalt, greek or french blue.   I know this because all my favorite shelter and online magazines told me. ;)  However, I don't feel blue is ever really out.  We have had it in our home for years and while I crush on other colors, I always come back to blue.  I love it's moody personality. You get the saturation and drama of black without the bad attitude.  

Last year, we painted our game room a deep shade of peacock and I am wild about it.  It is sophisticated and cozy.  I added navy velvet drapes to further create add to the cocoon-like feel. We now snuggle up in that fancy room and watch movies like it's our job.

I am dying to paint cabinetry in a high gloss rich blue tone.  Isn't this butler's pantry just too much? I wonder if I can find a client willing.  Hmmm....

Here are some juicy blue items that have been on my radar lately.

Whatever you do today, make it great!

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