Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September Favorites

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Target just blows my mind.  It never fails that I run in for a loaf of bread and leave with at least $100 worth of stuff.  They are masters of marketing and product.  I've gotten better at walking away but when it comes to Nate Berkus, I crumble.  I have LOVED everything he has designed for them including this adorable accent stool.  They are a match made in retail heaven.

I told you a few weeks ago, I am on the hunt for some new moto boots.  These are too good to pass up.  I am already coordinating outfits in my head!

With all the candle lighting going on up in here, you need some fancy matches.  I recently bought a handful of these tortoise ones from Furbish to take me all the way through winter.  So chic!

This chair is the epitome of comfortable glamour.  I am mad for the soft, feminine lines and deep, deep incline - perfect for watching football [not really] or E! News [really].  Add a touch of brass and it's instantly taken to a whole other level.  

Pencil skirts have become my go-to for business situations.  They are simple, comfy and always look pulled together.  This crimson color is a lovely for fall|winter and would be perfect for work as well as holiday fun.

Lulu Frost knows how to design a show stopping piece of jewelry.  These beauties [on sale] are great for casual or dressy attire.  We are going on a little vacay soon and I think they would like to come along.

Pendant lighting is my obsession right now.  Whether it be over an island or kitchen table, they add a touch of simple masculinity to a space.  I have my eye of these to reside in our kitchen. to justify another lighting change...

Have a beautiful day,
L x


  1. I loved the stool from Target, too and the lounge chair from Cox London…stunning!!

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it breathtaking?! I love all of their stuff!

  3. Oh that chair looks so heavenly...

    1. Isn't it bananas? Everything on their site is gorgeous!


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