Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Normality is a paved road.  It's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.
Vincent Van Gogh

Fashion || My thing lately is a harem|drop crotch|slouchy|drapey pant.  Whatever name you call it, I'm loving it.  They are everywhere right now and I am scooping them up!  They look adorable with sandals or pumps, tee shirts or blazers and mass jewelry.  Here are some cute ones that I recently found.  Here, here and, of course, here.

Playlist || This is not a new tune, but one I listened to all summer.  It has carried over to my workout list for it's "get up and move" beat.  We all know how a great lip gloss can make your day. ;)

Blog || I love Studio McGee's design style and really enjoyed their recent post about several alternatives to marble. Shea is so informative and lays everything out perfectly to make your decision easier.

Art || Maybe it's my tiny speckle of sadness to say goodbye to another summer, but these lovely black|white beach photographs have me captivated.  I love this, this and that.

Gems || It's time to begin Christmas shopping [can you believe that?!] and I love a good sale.  With many females in our family, jewelry is always a good idea.  I always like to look at Stella & Dot for beautiful pieces.  These earrings, this bracelet and this necklace are pretty hot.

Have an amazing weekend,


  1. You know I love harem pants too and damn I wish the gray ones came in an xs! Have the best weekend and had a blast on Wednesday ;)

    1. I agree, they were so cute. The Old Navy harem pants really are great for the price. Thank you! You as well. Enjoy this amazing weather! See you soon!!


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