Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Weekend!

If it requires pants or a bra, it's not happening today.

Fashion || Ann Taylor is having a pretty sweet sale.  I went in to look at something swanky for my mom's birthday and picked this up for myself.  I think it's much cuter in person.  I mean, can you ever really have too many stripes?

Art || I totally dig Nicole Cohen's talented eye for photography.  She takes the everyday and turns it into art through her lens.  I already have one of her prints in my office and need to get more for the bedroom. I have my eye on this, this and oh, yeah this.

Decor || I have been itching for a new coffee table but will only make a move for the perfect vintage find.  Look how hot these chrome tables are!  I also loved the glam factor on this one.

Blog || We will not be doing our usual 20+ people for Thanksgiving this year.  However, this doesn't stop me from dreaming about creating a beautiful fall tablescape.  I loved Nancy's post about just that.  Her creative photos have me inspired to create a little something "just because'. 

Movie || Call me a hopeless romantic.  I love Nicholas Sparks movies.  In fact, "The Notebook" is my absolute favorite.  His newest, "Best of Me" opens next week and I will be there (popcorn in one hand, tissues in the other). 

Have the best weekend!

xo, Lisa


  1. Have the best weekend ever and I'm dragging your ass to Local Foods again soon!

    1. You too! Ha ha! My friend, Kristy, took me to a different one today. Much better! Lets' go soon!

  2. yes! Dying to see that movie as well. And I also adore Nicole's work. Have a wonderful weekend.


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