Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Weekend!

My swimsuit told me to go to the gym.  But my sweatpants were like, nah girl, you're good!

Style || With an anniversary and Christmas right around the corner, Andrew and I usually trade wishlists.  It is much easier than trying to guess, because let's face it - once you're an adult you can get what you want for yourself.  I try to keep my list of beautiful things down to items that I would love to have, but would never buy myself.  This clutch fits the criteria.  How elegantly chic is this baby? 

Fashion || J. Crew and I just get each other on a spiritual level.  From cozy to sophisticated, they have it all. These cuffs are so simple, classic and sculptural - the trifecta of perfection.  

Decorate || My little Sofia has been asking for a room re-decoration for about a year now.  She is a tween now and wants a bright, artsy space.  As of this moment, this chandelier is the only firm decision I have made.  {Sofia has proven to be my toughest client yet - sigh.}  The price is amazing and it has sparkle and interest.

Art || If you follow me on Instagram, you know I just purchased this print for our powder room.  I absolutely love it!  They look great against the cream leopard wallpaper.  It is a photo from 1964 that was taken to introduce a new swimsuit called the "monokini".  Apparently, it became quite popular in Europe but failed in the US. {no surprise there}. I had Bela with me at the framers and she went into this "stand-up" act regarding the nudity.  I told her it was art and she could take it up with her therapist when she grows up.  The framer was so amused, he gave the work on the house!  ** We are thinking if taking our act on the road. **

Yum || This delicious idea popped up on my Pinterest feed this week.  We are such a hot cocoa family. Snuggles and cavities are such a perfect idea while watching our annual Christmas movies [which, I see, are beginning on November 1st this year!  What the heck?!].

Have a relaxing weekend, friends.
L x


  1. Can't wait to see Sofia's room! I know it will be stunning and hope you're having a great weekend ;)

    1. Thanks! I hope you have a great weekend also! xo


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