Monday, October 6, 2014

Hi, Style || Ponchos

Girls do not dress for boys.  They dress for themselves, and of course, each other.
Betsey Johnson

When I was little, my mom dressed me in crocheted ponchos during the fall and spring seasons.  I guess it's much easier to get it over a restless kid's head than to wrangle them into a jacket.  Also, they are super adorable.  I did the same when my girls were smaller.

Fashion rockstar, Olivia Palermo, showing off some gorgeous gams and the gorgeous 
Burberry monogrammed blanket poncho.

Today, I still find them to be a convenient and chic outerwear choice.  Houston weather is pretty damn mild.  There are some frigid winter days, however, most hang tight in the sweater weather category.  Enter the easy, breezy poncho|cape|blanket jacket.

Victoria Beckham in clean and simple Balenciaga.

Some incredible YSL poncho goodness at NYFW.

While the above styles are straight up delicious, I do have the pesky concern of sending three children to college.  Therefore, mine will most probably come from the always reliable TJ Maxx. I popped in yesterday and was backstroking through piles and piles.  They had a selection of everything from acrylic (eww...) to cashmere in every neutral tone.  I have pulled together a chic, little number for you to wear this crisp season.

Have a beautiful day,
L x

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  1. I'm so glad I held on to one of my favorite ponchos from about 10 years ago when they were popular. Can't wait to break it out...Love a good poncho!


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