Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Inspiring Interiors

I had lunch with a fellow decorating pal last week where we discussed some ins and outs, ups and downs of being a business owner in a creative field.  We agreed even when you have amazing clients, fun projects, and an ass load of ideas, there are still moments of frustration and self-doubt.  Is this where I am supposed to be?  Do I have enough creativity to run this marathon?

I had been feeling a bit of a creative drought lately.  You always want to knock it out of the park for a client, but it takes time to be inspired and re-charge.  As if on que, I came across a stunning room on Pinterest. The photo led me to Raji RM and Associates, an interior design firm based in DC and New York where each project was more beautiful than the last.  Raji and her team create bright, modern spaces using sculptural, mixed era furniture (so much outstanding mid century modern!) and dramatic art pieces.  In fact, you can purchase these impactful murals on their website.  

I cannot tell you how exciting it is to find a designer where you have a definite style connection.  It is inspiring to see other creative minded people taking their craft to the highest level. So, am I where I am supposed to be?  Absolutely!  I cannot imagine doing anything else.

Have a beautiful day.
xo, L

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