Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lip Service

Act as young as you feel. You're not getting older; you're getting more entitled to be your 
fabulous self.  
Gwen Stefani

I grew up with the tunes of No Doubt and have always admired Gwen Stefani's fearless and original style. As she has gotten older, she has taken her creative eye to a whole new level.  Her look of high-end sophistication mixed with bad ass rocker is amazing.  I have enjoyed her chic looks and engaging charm on this season of The Voice and know she and I would be instant shopping friends.

Along with her chic fashion sense, I love her signature bold lip and nails.  It has me thinking of the upcoming holiday festivities and my need for a new look.  Do you ever get so tired of looking at your same face in the mirror and feel need you need a little something? A bold, juicy lipstick is the perfect, affordable way to perk up a look.

So good.

I rounded up some of my favorite happy shades, sure to put a pep in your step as only a new tube of lipstick can.  I just ordered the luscious Chanel for Andrew's office Christmas party.  No idea at all what I am actually wearing - but my lips will look fabulous!

Have a colorful day!


  1. Love a beautiful lipstick and finding the perfect color is heaven!

  2. Oh how I wish I could wear red like Gwen! She is gorgeous...


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