Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Weekend!

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
Mark Twain

Yum! || We have decided to chill at home the week of Thanksgiving since our trip to Charleston was postponed.  I have been thinking of board games and tons of delicious food.  Breakfast is my absolute favorite with a close second being Panera.  This copycat recipe for their sun dried tomato and feta souffle looks spot on.  I can't wait to stuff my face!

Blogs || I loved the Reichel's post about entry inspiration this week.  I have been itching to move things around in my own.  This article motivated me to clear everything out for a fresh perspective. 

Book ||  My friend, Kristy, recently recommended a book she is currently reading.  I love books that motivate and inspire us to move forward, especially during those times of doubt.  Judging by the title alone, I think this might be just that book.

Fashion || Olivia Palermo nails it  She is a fashion rock star in my book.  I loved this recent black and blue outfit she wore while strolling through the chill of  NYC.  How amazing is that fringe?!

Tunes ||  Love it! Billy Idol has a new album out and it has that same fun 80's feel of his past songs. If you close your eyes, you might just be a kid again for a moment.  My favorite is "Postcards from the Past".

Beauty || I am so bad about keeping my nails polished.  I want them to look nice but am just too lazy. Lately, I have been wearing this nail polish and it just makes me happy.  It is a crisp blue with a luminous sheen that goes with everything.  Maybe it will help me change my ways! ;) 

Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. Yes, Olivia Palermo nails it everyday! Funny that I almost did a blog post about this outfit of hers today ;)


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