Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Smitten with Overdyed Rugs

Serious is a word that must be entirely avoided when it comes to decoration.
Kathryn M. Ireland

If you read this blog, you have seen on my office several times.  I love working in here because it's cozy and the neutral palette helps me focus on client colors.  But I tire of decor quickly.  I love the bones but wanted to change up a few things.  One being the rug.  I have been wanting a vintage Persian for this room for the last year.  Finding one you love that is right size and right price can be daunting.

So, I was "Christmas shopping" on the net and made a wrong (or oh so right) turn into Rugs USA last week.  Enter Damla, the daring hued beauty.  This is not the Persian I had in mind, but it was 75% off.  I mean, really.  It's such a happy rug and just what my office needs for a little blip of color.  One day I will find my dream rug, but this guy is the perfect interim solution and I know it can easily move to another room.

Feast your eyes on some juicy overdyed rug inspiration .  I especially love the pairing of these boldly saturated carpets with modern furnishings.  The touch of faded femininity elevates all spaces.

Have a colorful day!


  1. Please tell me you ordered that is to dye for! Ha Ha ;) I have always loved the look and feel of your office.

    1. I did! It's very pretty and ended up in Ava's room. It looks best up there in pink paradise. :))


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