Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hi, Style || Edgy Chic

I say, dress to please yourself.  Listen to your inner muse and take a chance.
Iris Apfel

Lately, I have been going back to simple basics that I favored in my 20's.  The only difference now is I want better quality pieces with an edge.  When things are well-made, you don't really need all the bells and whistles to make a statement.

I am always looking for fashion inspiration and the sultry classic looks of style icon Barbara Martello really spoke to me.  Her signature style is based around slim pants paired with tees, killer heels and fitted leather jackets.  A-mazing!  

This outfit, in particular, caught my eye.  I am sure it is the touch of leopard.  She looks comfortable and so effortlessly chic.  I think her  I've put together some pieces to create her insanely good vibe for two different budgets. :)

pants «  nails «  watch «  pumps «  blouse «  lips

nails «  blouse «  lips « pants « watch «  pumps 

Have a stylish day!

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