Saturday, December 13, 2014

So Much Better

I owe my color sense to crayons.
Angelo Rafael Donghia

While I love the delicious taste of Marsala, the new Pantone Color of the Year has left me underwhelmed.  It lacks the vibrancy and liveliness of choices past.  In fact, it is the exact same hue as our countertops in my childhood the 80's.  

Perhaps Sherwin Williams heard the collected crickets from designers and bloggers alike and decided to go a different route.  Their choice for Color of the Year 2015, Coral Reef, is a happy, blush shade that inspires me to create color boards and pull fabrics.  Now this is a color I can get with!

It creates a warm, glowing atmosphere and pairs well with strong colors like deep reds.

I love the unexpected addition of green.  It adds depth to the space.

It looks great as an accent to crisp white bedding.

It makes a statement in a monochrome study with matching chairs.  I would normally think this would not work, but it totally does!

It would make an gorgeous addition in any space in the form of an accent piece.

Have a delicious day!


  1. Completely agree Lisa! This color is much more exciting 😊

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. Being an artist, you would know a good color! :)


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