Sunday, January 11, 2015

Art and More

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.
Twyla Tharp

Sourcing art for clients is my absolute favorite part of designing a room.  My hope for the new year is to find a client who is open to the unusual art pieces I love so much.  They are so fun and really bring life to a room.

In saying that, I have been hanging out on Minted lately sourcing great pieces of art and fabric. They offer a plethora of amazing art styles at different price points.  Everyone loves to have beautiful prints in their homes but may not have thousands of dollars to invest.  I have put together a salon style gallery of my favorites. I visualize this beauty hanging in the family room of a mid century modern home belonging to a young family who wants a fresh, bright space for cuddling and creating memories.

Have an especially beautiful day!


  1. You have an awesome eye for art! Loving the palm trees...but I'm pretty sure that doesn't surprise you ;)

  2. That doesn't surprise me! I love all things palm trees as well. It's such a luxury to have them in our yard, isn't it? You should check out their site. There is another cool palm print there. :)


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