Friday, January 9, 2015

Classics in Design - Part I

There is no excuse for doing anything which is not strikingly beautiful.
William Morris

Each year, we are inundated with interior design trends.  While I like the freshness of a pineapple accent or the sass of quote art, the originality wears away rather quickly with market saturation. That being said, I believe there are classic elements of interior design that are timeless and polished. These details can be easily implemented into any style design to create a beautifully posh space.

Checkerboard | Floors

Checkerboard flooring has been delivering chic style since the 15th century.  It is safe to say it isn't going anywhere.  We had a granite and marble checkerboard floor installed on the diagonal in our kitchen when we moved in.  It is the element I love most about this house.  In fact, I cannot see myself ever having a home without this geometric interest.  

Animal | Print

I truly believe a touch of animal print adds a depth of richness to a room that nothing else can.  Even though leopard pillows were everywhere the past few years, I will never tire of looking at them. Animal prints really are a neutral because they not only pair well with every color, but elevate the entire look.

Campaign | Furniture

This masculine lined furniture was initially designed for the ease of traveling armies.  In the 1800's, British furniture companies redesigned to make it lighter for and more beautiful for their troops to feel home away from home.  The clean lines and heavy brass hardware 

Sunburst | Mirror

I will admit I have a thing for sunburst mirrors.  I have many in my home and have chosen them for client homes again and again.  They are edgy, dramatic, delicate and French.  What more do you need?  They immediately add big personality and light to a room.   I like using one large mirror as a focal point or integrating several small ones within a gallery.

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  1. I love your kitchen floors and I hope to have banquet seating in my kitchen one day! TGIF!

    1. Thanks, girl! Me too. I love that look. Have a great weekend!

  2. Isn't it amazing what a difference is made when tile is simply layed diagonally? The way your eye follows the diagonal lines just seems to open the room up and feel more welcoming! Love it!

    1. It really is. Laying the tile and removing the extra large island made our kitchen made it look twice the size! Have a great weekend. :)

  3. Those checkerboard floors are EVERYTHING!!! LOVVVVE how chic they are!
    xoThe Beckerman girls

    1. Thanks, girls! I agree...they are so chic.


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