Thursday, January 22, 2015

Focus of Beauty || Greg Natale Design

Flair is a keen natural sense of discernment, a natural talent or ability that cannot be taught.  
One has it or not.
Robert Kime

You know the uneasy feeling you get once you step out of your comfort zone?  That is discomfort I have been feeling this week.  I would call them growing pains - the sweet sting of changing and growing and slowly becoming the person you always wanted to be.  School is going great but is proving to be quite the stern boss.  I needed to exhale and chill with you for a bit.  I want to share some magnificence that I found during my two minutes on IG this week.  {Warning: his feed is chock full of graphic elegance and stunning inspiration.}

Greg Natale Design is an Australian powerhouse that has been creating beauty and acquiring a plethora of awards since 2001.  I love his modern aesthetic and talent for mixing an abundance of patterns. These are the interiors I find most inspiring.  They are clean and precise but warm and inviting which is a difficult task to pull off.  His portfolio is vast and highly versatile - yet another reason to swoon.

Greg's book, The Tailored Interior, is available for pre-order and I cannot wait to pour through this delicious gem.  Keep it real, design freaks!



  1. Looks like it is going to be a good book Lisa! I'll have to hop on over to IG to check him out...

  2. Its really interesting info you shared here and I love it a lot.

  3. The designs and the decoration elements are very unique..Wonderful post!!

  4. Excellent interior work..That shows your creativeness..The decor elements are very unique..Thanks for sharing..

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