Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy Weekend 2015!

The trick is to enjoy life.  Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead.
Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Well, the temps have finally dropped around here and it is straight up gross.  Rainy, cold days make me want to stay in and snuggle up.  On the days where you have to actually go out in the mess, this adorable sweater would be the perfect warm hug.

I am always looking for a good book.  I have heard about this gem for years but stumbled across it while finishing up some holiday shopping.  It is interesting so far. I am having trouble putting it down before bedtime.

Flo Rida always delivers great dance|workout tunes.  His new release, GDFR, makes you want to move your body all around which is great after so many holiday cookies.  Am I right?!

I just can't quit wallpaper.  It adds so much personality to a space.  Sara Story has some beautiful designs.  I have my eye on this one in particular for an upcoming project.  

Warm tomatoes with melted cheese on a chilly day?  Uh-huh!  This recipe will definitely be making an appearance on our table this weekend.  

I love strong, funny women like Amy Poehler.  These little tidbits about the actress are as charming and quirky as could be.

I loved this favorite list.  Each living room, with a different style but all equally beautiful.  There is so much breathtaking beauty out there. 

Have a fab weekend!


  1. Oh, I've had my eye on some dreamy wallpaper lately but our damn textured walls keep getting in the way. UGH! Hope you had a wonderful weekend ;)


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