Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Weekend!

Always support others, never be jealous.
Tory Burch

Happy weekend. friends!  I am so excited because I just ended an extremely tough class today and can finally exhale.'s so good.  Spring is here and the sun is shining.  It is a good day!  Here are a few things I have been spying and buying this week.

Swim » Pool days are right around the corner in Houston, which means you better get your self in shape because the next seven months are brutally hot.  I am narrowing down some cute retro styles such as this, this and that.

Home » Damn you, West Elm!  How dare you put out more amazing lamps at a good price point when you know about my lighting addiction.  Do I need new lamps? No  Do I want more lamps? Of course! I have my eye of this, that and the other.

Art » I love art and feel it is what makes a room special.  I have an amazing client who shares my affinity for unique art.  I love the quirky fashion style of photographer Richard Bernardin.  I am so excited to have access to pieces like this and this.

Jewels » I am loving the simplicity of a delicate necklace lately.  I think bold necklaces are great but better in the cooler season.  Is that weird?  I don't want anything weighing me down when it's hot. These options are lovely, affordable and light as a feather. 1 - 2 - 3

Health »  I have been trying to make a mindful effort to be healthy.  Small changes seem to be an easier approach.  I have known the benefits of drinking green tea for some time, but haven't liked the bitter taste.  I just found this one which is pretty good and also decaf so I can have it before bed.  I thought I would share in case you are trying to do better too. ;)

Yum! » When we lived back home, my dad would make this amazingly delicious breakfast casserole for holiday brunch. With Easter and Mother's Day around the corner (perfect excuses for eggs),  I am passing it along for your family time. This is making me hungry.  See you next week!

Have a beautiful weekend and Easter!

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