Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy Weekend!

Our lives are defined by the opportunities, even the ones we miss.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

I am beyond obsessed with this image from Elle UK.  The mid century sofa and over sized lamp are as gorgeous as the model.  This series is from 2013, but the clothing and interiors still are fresh and impactful.  Check out the rest of the spread here.

Inspired » The Bruce Jenner interview last Sunday was incredible.  He is so courageous and inspiring.  I remember as a kid knowing him as the world's greatest athlete and the epitome of male virility.  It shows that we never really know who people are or their complete story.  It is wonderful that he is finally free at last to live on his terms.  

Gold »  I loved Audrey's post this week featuring these simple planters.  The sleek, modern lines and gold shimmer make them almost perfect - the price makes them perfect.  We don't need to spend big bucks on the small accessories of a room and this proves it.  Thanks Audrey!

Vintage » I have a love for Milo that just won't quit.  I have turned my client onto him and we are like two vintage loving drug addicts.  Chairish has quite an impressive inventory.  I have my eye on thesethose and this.

Fashion »  I am almost in full summer mode.  I am really loving this casual look from my tried and true.  Pair it with these and these - you are hot!

Playlist » This little gem will put a pep in your step and add a few extra minutes to your workout. Bow down to the genius of Caked Up.

Get outside ans enjoy some sunshine!

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