Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Weekend!

Kid, you'll move mountains!
Dr. Seuss

Mother's Day » Wow - there is so much going on this month!  Andrew's birthday was this week and we are headed into Mother's Day weekend.  Call, write, kiss and hug your mom this weekend.  If you need to pick up a gift, these necklaces are great.  I would love to have one with the initials of my three girlies.

Summer Kicks » We are counting down the days to summer break over here.  Even though I will still be taking classes and working, I can't wait to spend more time with my sweet babies.  I stumbled onto this site yesterday and cannot wait to order a pair.  I have my eye on these or these.

Tunes » I have mentioned The  on here before.  He is too cool and I cannot get enough of his sultry, velvety tunes.  This one has been on replay lately.

Inspired »  I loved Garance Doré's letter to her 20 year old self - very cool and prophetic.

Amused » My new favorite movie, The Longest Week, has it all. I adore Jason Bateman's quirky wit and love everything he does.  This movie has a magical combination of interior porn (dying over the mid century lamps), vintage charm and the off-beat humor of a Wes Anderson movie.  You should definitely check it out. :)

Fashion »  Dressing cool and comfortable in Houston is a must.  It isn't really hotter than other places in the country, but the humidity will soak you through.  Cute, barely-there tops are on my summer list.  I especially love this, this and that.

Have a fun weekend!


  1. Happy belated to Andrew and have a wonderful weekend with your babies! Happy Mother's Day...

  2. Thanks! Happy Mother's Day to you as well! :)


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