Thursday, December 31, 2015

And Just Like That...

And now we welcome the new year.  Full of things that have never been.
Rainer Maria Rilke

It really is true.  With each passing year, time seems to be picking up speed.  Gone are the days of looking out the window at my boring desk job, day dreaming of more exciting ways to spend my day. Fast forward a decade with one husband, three kids, one dog and a growing business and I am lucky to know what day it is.


Thank you for all the lessons.


I am ready now.

I transferred everything from my 2015 planner to my new, and there it was.  A complete year of meeting wonderful clients, continuing my education, meeting new friends and losing some.  A year can become a blur when you chunk it down like that!  It also reminded me that in each new year, we have good and bad and that it's best to focus on the good.  I am ready for 2015 to sail off into the sunset and welcome the energy and prospects of 2016.

I don't know about you but there are times, I have so many thoughts|ideas|plans swimming around in my melon that I can barely focus!  One tool that has really helped me exhale and concentrate on my goals for the coming year is Shay Cochrane's , The Smart Girl's Reset for Success Survey.   Having these exact questions to reflect and thoughtfully answer have given me direction and strength to be improve and grow.  Thanks Shay!

As we look to a new beginning, I wish all your hopes and dreams come true in 2016.  I hope you have more love, pleasure, adventure, growth and happiness than you know what to do with.  I hope you take all that warmth and pass it on to someone else who needs it.


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